Tactical HQ

Join Tactical Today!

Tactical is an open gaming community active in multiple online games. Joining is as simple as getting into our Discord and getting active. We offer options for casual and competitive gameplay across all of our games, while maintaining a large, consistent, and engaged community for each division. All members are welcome and we have a few simple rules, but nothing too crazy. 

We Want you!

Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World is recruiting players for the PC and PS4 divisions. Come appease your need for scaly slaughter in Monster Hunter World with Tactical today!


World Of Warcraft

We have two, alliance based guilds. One on Sargeras and the other on Tichondrius. Each have over 900 members in guild – all active; so there is always something to do.


Destiny 2

Pick your weapon, pick your armor, open your engrams and come shoot things in the face, Tactically. We play on the PC and need more people to fatten our rank and run engrams with.

Sea of Thieves

Grab your pegleg and pirate sword and come join us for horde of sea related thievery. We play on PC and are always looking for more pirate to dig up some fun with.

What we offer

Founded in October 30th, 2017. We have established a vast community of over 1000 members in four games, no matter your play-style or game, we have people for you to meet, and play with here.

We have a full staff of experienced officers for each game we support. We offer the opportunity to promote within the community and outline the requirements to do so, clearly. We have multiple teams and groups organized throughout the week for our games and provide tons of content to our players.

Infrastructure is an important part of any gaming community, we use Discord and Google docs to make your life easy and quick, we have a website (this one) in the works and will be integrating tons of custom content with it in the future thanks to our two professional web developers.

We play games to have fun just like you do – and we want to encourage just that. Once you join our Discord you can engage in a load of activities throughout the day or just sit and chat. We strive to be socially engaged and provide a mature, non-toxic community for all types of people.

We have multiple levels of competitive play available to our members, ranging from our multi-tiered World of Warcraft raid / rbg teams, to semi-pro/pro team for Player Unknown’s Battle Ground.

What We Expect

We expect you to have fun most of all. We’re not here to police it. We are simply here to support it. We want you to be you, and do you, with us. If you have a problem, reach out to your leaders and officers so we can get you back to having fun, quickly.

Most of us are adults and those that aren’t adults, act like adults.  Things like racism and sexism are not tolerated in our gaming community and we will act accordingly when they arise.

We want to get you engaged in the community and that requires a bit of input on your part. Every few days and when we hit certain population limits in our in-game communities, so we prune out people who have not at least introduced themselves. To avoid these purges get verified as a real breathing person on Discord. You only have to do it once and it only takes a few minutes.

If you make a commitment to a team, please keep it. We don’t require any specific activity or input to be a member, however if you commit to a team you are expected to participate in it.